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paysage montagneux FONCIMED is a Mediterranean multidisciplinary and interinstitutional network which enables members to share and compare experiences on land issues. It was established in 2007 at the initiative of CIHEAM-MAI Montpellier and INRA to address four questions:

- Processes whereby the land object is formed (internal characteristics, value, etc.)
- Socio-geographical determinants of land markets
- Ways of regulating trade in land and land use
- Modelling of sociogeographical processes pertaining to land use

It is intended to be a forum where researchers and practitioners can share experiences, studies, methods and research findings on land issues in the Mediterranean. The researchers are from various disciplines, mainly in the “human sciences” (economics, sociology, geography, etc) and agronomic studies. One of its objectives is to promote dialogue between the social sciences and the technical sciences (life and earth sciences) by encouraging the emergence of interpretative spatial dynamics models followed in the longer term by new research subjects.

FONCIMED is an offshoot of an existing CIHEAM-MAI.M network, MODAM (Modernisation of Mediterranean Agriculture), which has been conducting comparative research work and organising courses since 1993.

The FONCIMED network is open to all researchers and front line players who wish to participate, regardless of their discipline. It initially adopted a three-year work programme (2007-2009), which consisted of joint research programmes, annual seminars and a research school and ended with a collective publication. The year 2010 sees a revival of this CIHEAM-INRA network with greater emphasis on land governance-resource management, which has been discussed at the latest annual meeting on 2 and 3 December 2010 in Montpellier.


0036_bullet02 See the manual “Land governance and use of natural resources”. Collected papers from the Gabès Research School (16-20 November 2009) and the Tataouine specialised classes (21-25 November 2009), organised with the financial backing of the AFD as part of the FONCIMED activities.  


For more on the land tenure issue, see the “Foncier & Développement” portal

For more information on FONCIMED read CIHEAM Briefing Notes N° 33 and N°56





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