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Cosimo Lacirignola Award

30 March 2018 - 30 April 2018



Cosimo Lacirignola AWARD, 2018

CIHEAM Bari, 24 March 2018

"Rotary decided to dedicate an award to our esteemed Rotarian Cosimo Lacirignola to remember and convey his commitment and dedication to the training of young people in the agricultural sector," said Giacomo Scarascia Mugnozza, RYLA Committee Chair, at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Rotary Youth Leadership Award, which took place in the CIHEAM Bari Great Hall on Saturday, March 24. "He was - added Scarascia Mugnozza - an authoritative expression of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), devoting himself with passion to the training of thousands of students from all over the Mediterranean countries".

Vincenzo Stoico, 27 years old, is the winner of Cosimo Lacirignola Award. He was chosen among forty nominees from different Rotary Clubs of Puglia and Basilicata. They all participated in meetings and visits to some leading companies in Puglia, and discussed, with authoritative speakers, the theme chosen for this year's edition: Leadership and cooperation for sustainable development of the territory.

"Linking sustainable development to the territories is far-sighted: sustainability must be  local, it cannot ignore the potential, problems, solutions and peculiarities of each territory - are the words of Maurizio Raeli, director of CIHEAM Bari- and this is the approach that CIHEAM Bari has adopted since its very first steps, especially in the field of development cooperation activities. Through this approach, local communities become true players of their own development".

Ciheam bari   news

Mimmo Lacirignola’s legacy is enshrined in one of his most renowned sentences: "Our best resource is mutual understanding, dialogue and above all knowledge of the culture of the other. There can be no development without culture and there is no culture without peace”. This is the forward-looking vision on which Ryla 2018 participants have meditated.

After a thorough discussion, the Committee decided to award the most significant script with a cultural and study trip to Paris, to that European capital so loved by the late Lacirignola, where he spent the last years of his life as Secretary General of CIHEAM.

«I have never met you before; I started to appreciate your vision reading your words. We’ll embrace your vision, your skills, your values, we’ll pass them on and build a sustainable society. We’ll share ideologies and curiosities, we’ll be proactive and available for dialogue, we’ll propose development and peace, in the name of culture, in your name ».

Cosimo Lacirignola was remembered not only for his culture but above all for his invaluable openness to all; a person to whom we must all be inspired for cultural growth. A true leader to refer to.

"This year's Ryla was organised in the name of Cosimo Lacirignola - concluded Maurizio Raeli- He has always worked to maintain multilateral cooperation, scientific diplomacy and political dialogue at the highest level, at the service of agricultural development and food security in the Mediterranean".



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