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MED-Amin Network Meeting


The 4th MED-Amin meeting (Mediterranean Agricultural Information Network) was held in Tunis, upon invitation of the Tunisian authorities, on December 7&8, 2016.The MED-Amin network constitutes a discussion forum and an opportunity for information sharing whose purpose is to provide decision-makers with improved transparency and with a better understanding of cereal markets. The name of the network, “MED-Amin” was coined from the Arabic word “Amin” for trust, a concept at the crossroads of CIHEAM’s missions and values. The network participates to the reinforcement of the multilateral dialogue in the Mediterranean area and consequently holds a special position within the priority objectives of the CIHEAM Action Plan for the Mediterranean area (CAPMED2025): Combating knowledge waste, improving food security, enhancing resilience against shocks, notably via the implementation of collaborative systems of crisis management.

At the conclusion of the 4th MED-Amin meeting, a decision was taken to create a working group to cover the progressive implementation of a Mediterranean early warning system on wheat. Addressing the observed increase in shocks in the Mediterranean area (climatic events, market instability, phytosanitary diseases, conflicts…) this scheme, bringing together national operators, CIHEAM, AMIS, and the European Commission, will allow for an improved circulation of information and will facilitate the implementation of concerted operations aimed at better preparedness and sustainable management of the different shocks.

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