Inclusive development

by investing in new generations and territories

- Youth employment and life-long learning.
- Development of rural and coastal regions.
- Gender Equality and participation of vulnerable groups.
- Emergence of smart rural territories and of inclusive agriculture and fishery models.


Study on small-scale agriculture in the Near East and North Africa

Focus Country: Egypt

Year of publication: 2017
Publisher: FAO
Pages: #154 p.
ISBN: 978-92-5-109525-6
Job Number: I6497;
Author: Aboulnaga, A.;Siddik, I.;Megahed, W.;Salah, E.;Ahmed, S.;Nageeb, R.;Yassin, D.;Abdelzaher, M.;

The study relies on national data and accessible documents; academic and non-academic literature, including development projects documents. The study involved also interviews with key stakeholders to identify and analyze their experience about the current and past state of affairs on public policies in support of small-scale agriculture (SSA). The final report drew conclusions and recommendation for future plans for sustainable development of SSA in Egypt